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Draammmaa fish!

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So I went to get a boyfriend for my angelfish today. He has a Harry Potter mark on him!!!




She was NOT appreciative, to

Say the least. So cross hastily constructing a fish jail off my bucket list. Any tips for curbing her territorial aggression?





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I hate it when that happens, can't they see how beautiful the new fish are???  

I've never had to deal with this with Angels, but for other territorial cichlids, there's a few things I did.  Rearrange the hardscape, branches, rocks, etc.  Do this during a water change and then turn the lights out for the night and introduce the new tank mate in the dark.  It's suddenly new territory, new sight lines to deal with.  And then I cross my fingers and hope for the best the next day...

Who's bigger?  Are there other Angelfish tank mates?

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