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Pinoy Pariba Angelfish

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12 minutes ago, dahling8 said:

Such a pretty blue on the Pinoy.  I'm not familiar with Pinoys - what makes a PInoy a Pinoy?  Is it the blue coloring?

Hello. I LOVE her splotches of blue. I hope this hopes you with what makes a Pinoy a Pinoy.

OK lets start with Pinoy. The word in itself can be used to describe one particular Phenotype (what the eye sees) or Genotype (recipe of genes). 

The word Pinoy is used to describe a black fish that is homozygous (2 doses) for the pb gene. Genetically if the fish carries a dark gene and is homozygous for the pb gene then it is called a Pinoy. The word Pinoy can also be used as a descriptor on other Phenotypes to indicate that it also carries a dark gene. So a Pinoy Clown would be a fish that is at least het (single dose) but could carry 2 doses for the dark gene and homozygous for the Philippine Blue gene (plus a zebra and stripeless gene). 

Also the word Pinoy can only be used for a fish carrying a double dose of the Philippine Blue gene.

Paraiba is the Phenotype and is a fish carrying a double dose of the Stripeless and Philippine Blue genes. They can also have a dark gene and be called a Pinoy Paraiba.

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On 3/9/2018 at 2:18 AM, dahling8 said:

Haha, thanks for this.  I was thinking in simpler terms, an angelfish strain developed in the Philippines.

I thought I would give you the long version!!! :teehee

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