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Surprise Fish

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So my dad wanted to move the 450g pond so he could fit his car in the garage, so that required draining the pond almost completely, moving the fish out...was a lot of work!

But during the draining and catching of fish....I found three fish I didn't know I had! Two looked to be only a week or two old. The other a couple of months.
















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Congrats on the 'new' additions. Similar happened to my small pond, when i noticed a few extras - around 10 to be exact. I still have to cull the ones I dont want to keep, but they are all so cute!

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I loved the surprise! I didn't think any fry that hatched in there would survive with my big guys. One of them almost got eaten while they were in the tub :o I didn't see him even after scooping them into the tub, then out the corner of my eye I saw something tiny wriggling and I went over and saw the little wriggling guy and Soda saw him at the same time and launched toward him but I scooped it out just in time :rofl 


Culling is always hard! 

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