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Corydora Fry


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What worked well for me is dropping in an almond leaf or 2 to the fry tank.  It serves several purposes, provides cover, breeding ground for infusoria, and helps condition the water.  Some say anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, betta people swear by them, my cory fry did well on them.  Daily water changes, I used a short length of rigid airline tubing at the end of a regular airline tubing to vacuum up mulm.  I did well with culturing microworms for food, I gut loaded them with spirulina powder, just an option if it's hard to come by baby brine shrimp.

You'll find it amazing when the fry literally morphs into tiny little replicas of their parents - maybe in 4-6 weeks, by that time they'll be pretty hardy.  Have fun!

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Thanks, sorry about your guppies!

They did lay eggs again but I have two QTs running right now and nowhere else to set them up so I had to just leave them be, most were stuck to the glass anyway.

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