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Needing input for possible rack setup - Not sure on dimensions

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So I'm still on the fence about getting fish again, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking and planning :teehee

I am thinking of getting a (display quality) rack setup custom built. See pic below 


At this stage I'm unsure of the dimensions. The longest I can have is 3.5ft long as that's all I have room for. 

I know that goldfish don't like too deep of a tank, but I would like the bottom tank to be as deep as possible for the sake of it looking aesthetically pleasing (this is the one that will house goldfish, the top tank will have a tropical community tank or something of the sort) 

The top tank can be whatever, and perhaps a little narrower to allow a HOB filter to go on the back without having the whole thing too far away from the wall. Speaking of which, I don't want the tanks to be to come too far off the wall as I am limited on space.

I suppose what I'm asking is what would you consider the ideal dimensions for a 3.5ft tank. Also how big of a gap would you have between the top and bottom tank? (I want enough to be practical and for lights but also not too much that it leaves too big of a gap and detracts from the look of the whole thing)

If anyone out there has a similar setup, please post a pic!

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That sounds like a 40breeder tank set up. My 40b is 3 feet by 1.5 feet I only have one tank but there is a double stand for the 40B tank.

Ill get you some photos soon :)

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