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Hello everyone,

hope everybody is having a

Merry Christmas!!!


I need help, I have 6 little juveniles calico orandas that I can’t keep them more longer, they are from 1-3 inch. Right now they are in a 40 breeder with good filtration and aeration. They are very healthy they eat normal and every day like the other in my main tank, I feed them NLS Thera A, green peas, Jappies growth recipe and everyday balance, along with other greens.

I have them since July this year. Most important I didn’t breed them, they are from a local breeder from my area in New Jersey, I got them because I was getting an indoor pond but unexpectedly had to move and the project failed. I don’t want to take the to my local fish store in first place, I wanted to see if a find a goldfish keeper that want them an will take are of them. PLEASE HELP!!! I’ll post some pics later today!!!



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