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ph out of my tap water

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As for the nitrate increase, would you consider hanging a plant off the tank rim like a pothos or bamboo whose roots could absorb some of the nitrate waste? You could still maintain your water schedule then. To note, 15 nitrates isn't too bad of a number to keep them at as long as your fish still look happy and healthy.

i have been looking high and low for a chart that demonstrates how the (pH of the X volume of your water being added) + (pH of the X volume of water in the tank) = (acceptable pH difference in overall volume)

But I have yet to find one so I will continue my searches but If I do I will share it because I think it would be very useful information to have for goldfish owners. :)

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Many chemistry sites will give a formula tor calculating the pH from mixtures of water of different pHs.  However these deal only with water and HCl.  Tank water has a much more complicated chemistry. I thought I had read something on Kokos on this subject, but I can't find it.

To determine how much the pH changes with various water changes, just measure the pH of tank and tap water, then measure the pH of various mixtures.

Mix one part of tap water with one part of tank water to simulate a 50% water change.  

One part tap water + 9 parts tank water will show you the pH of a tank after a 10% water change.


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