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SOS: Need some help/advice (Ick)


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I got a few fish from a shop via ups this friday. Its been less than 2 days in quarantine (33 long), with a established filter (no heater). I think i am seeing some white sand like spots on a few fish(ick?).

Don't know if the fish were stressed in shipping and got ick. 
The fish are otherwise ok and eating well, no flashing, no breathing abnormally. Good news is, if it is ick, i caught it early (i think).

none of my other 8 tanks have any ick or any issues for a long time.

what should i treat it with. I am planning to add some malachite green (https://www.petsmart.com/…/marineland-8-ounce-ick-remedy-fi…)..

Is there something folks can recommend to treat (that i can buy at a local store).

Do i raise temperature to speed the ick life cycle (so the medicine can act on the free swiming ick trophonts)....

Thank you

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Please show us a picture of the affected fish.  Most white spots are not ich. 

By far the safest (and very effective) treatment for ich is salt.  You can use aquarium salt or any other salt that contains NaCl and nothing else.  Mortons Canning and Pickling salt, which you can get in the grocery store, is a good choice.  

Please raise the salt concentration in the tank to 0.3%, following the procedure here.  When you change water, add 1 tablespoon of salt for each gallon of new water to maintain that concentration.

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i tried taking pics... need to pull out the good camera... there are just a spots for now... so going with raising temps and salt for now. Hopefully that will fix the issue.
The fish are haelthy, eating like pigs and no sign of stress or scrapping on the substrate or labored breathing... i am optimistic. thanks for the help.

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