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Boys and girls.


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Confirmed boys first. In order: 

Charles, Patiska, Obsidian, Axe, Omen, Malina, Polengi, Robin, Orion, Lorenzo, Kanama, Citrus, Tarako, Kirsche, and Asilah. 

Boys NOT PICTURED: Callisto, Ulliri, Judas, Theresa, and Crescendo

GEDC0857_zpsezlk2exp (1).jpg














GEDC0864_zpsg1juyg2q (1).jpg

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1 hour ago, DawnMichele said:

All your Goldfish are GORGEOUS!!!! IM coming to take all your Oranda's!!!! :teehee

Thanks Dawn. There are quite a lot of them! Hope you've got a big tank or pond! 

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13 minutes ago, FishyMandy said:

So many beautiful fish, I love Shembje. I really want one with a colour pattern like that

She's my #1 favorite fish out of my entire group. She's getting sorta big too. 70 grams now. The mouth issue is the only thing. But she's still doing fine. 

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Yeah tons of boys, IDK why lol. Left out Tangelo. Gender unknown. Also gender unknown are the two new little ones Matt (boy name but gender unknown) and the little Butterfly Telescope. 


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They look amazing, especially knowing how many were tiny Walmart fish :)  I don’t usually bother seeing my fish but it’s funny how many boys you ended up with!

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2 hours ago, mjfromga said:

The girls are tough. They really get the business sometimes. I have too many now. I'm pulling away from Orandas and really need to get rid of a few of them but idk... 

Another pond :teehee 


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