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8 today!!


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I've not been around very much, but for those of you who remember Googles, he's made it to eight years old today!! :heart

My fishtank light is broken and so photos have been a little tricky, but here are a couple...




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I've also weighed him.

August 2012- 23g

Now- 92g


Doesnt seem like much for 5 years but I think that's pretty good for a fish that appears stunted :thumb:

Hopefully that's not all eye weight! 



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Actually, he's very adept at zooming around the tank via wriggling :)

His fins are also fine. His swim bladder is just deflated which means he doesn't have any buoyancy, so he's in constant contact with the tank floor. 

He's survived this way for 6 ish years. It is a little sad but he seems to be fairly stable, stays the right way up and can still feed himself (with great enthusiasm!) 

Fins crossed he keeps hanging in there :heart

Lighting might be an issue but I shall take a video soon :thumb: Thank you again for all the birthday wishes



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