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Tank Upgrade Questions

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I'm getting a 50 gallon long tank 48 L X 12 W X 20 H. I have 1 fish in a 15 Gallon. i had her in a 55 but it was a tall one and I heard they are not good for fancies due to their swim bladders. I need to know what type and size filters I will need. I have various sizes I have a 30, 50, & 110 HOB and also a Fluval 460 that I've never used yet. Also heaters/size/type? Bubble wands how many? 

The one fish I have now has a weird floaty issue ( I posted in another forum about it). She does not deal well with heavy currents well. I had to cut back on the filter size to give her a  fairly still current and just do more frequent water changes. Can I add more fish and how many ? Any suggestions to make the transition smooth? I know she will enjoy her new home as she is having issues turning in the tiny 15 she is in now that she's grown so much. Thanks in advance.

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Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish for information on filter size.   Ideally, you want the claimed gallons per hour to be 10X the tank volume.  So for a 50 gallon tank you want at least 500 gph.  Since your fish doesn't handle current well, you might consider two smaller filters at opposite ends of the tank.  

Please consider a 40B for your fish.  This tank combines a large surface area with shallower water than other aquariums of similar volumes. It also has enough width for a large inflexible fancy goldfish to turn around comfortably.   Actually the 50 gallon has no more with/turnaround space than your 15 gallon.

A 40B, a 50, and a 55 can all house two goldfish, but of these I would recommend only the 40B for fancy goldfish.

I don't recommend a heater unless your room temperature drops below 50F.  We now have lots of research showing that goldfish do better with water temperature lower at night than during the day than they do at any constant temperature.  We sometimes recommend warmer temperatures during treatment of a sick fish, so you might want to keep a heater available if you don't have a nearby pet store where you can get one.

To move your fish to the new aquarium, fill the aquarium with water, add water conditioner,  move the filter from the old tank to the new, and (if the water temperature and pH are similar) add the fish  The filter contains enough nitrifiers to handle the ammonia produced by your fish.  If you need another filter or a larger filter, you can run this in the new tank as well.  After a few weeks, it will also have a good population of nitrifiers.  

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