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Hard water deposits


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On 11/8/2017 at 4:06 AM, titch said:

Woohoo!!! NEW FISH!!!!!! 

Defo plan on getting some new cuties, but obvs need to QT them first and while ever Piggy is in QT, I simply don't have the space for more tubs :thumbdown (u nless I use the main tank at a huge QT tank :teehee).

Should I continue to dose ammonia at 1.0 then?

Shall I just forget about the worms and leave them (there's quite a lot of them), or would you PP the tank (may need a bit of guidance on that - never used PP before)? Maybe a big WC & filter clean-out would get rid of a lot of them? :idont

Saturday is my day for tank overhaul - the background paint has been peeling off and making a severe mess, so I need to remove it all and replace (I've bought a black vinyl background). Of course the tank needs to be empty(ish) for me to move it and get around the back, so I'll do a big WC and clean the filters at the same time. Then I can get the sand in. Oh how I love rinsing sand. NOT!

I haven't ordered any plants yet. I need to find those elusive large rocks to stick them to. I'll get on it.

Thank you @koko & @fantailfan1 for all your help with my cycle. So pleased you were there to walk me through it. Thanks to @Arctic Mama & @shakaho for worm identifying. And thanks @DawnMichele for your support and hugs :teehee Love this forum - you guys are awesome!! :grouphug

IM so happy for you Amy!!!!! :redbanana:  

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1 hour ago, DawnMichele said:

IM so happy for you Amy!!!!! :redbanana:  

Thanks Dawn :nana

I didn’t get round to getting the sand in today. The background took longer than expected. Safe to say I’ll NEVER paint the back of a tank again - was a nightmare to remove!

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14 minutes ago, fantailfan1 said:

I’d wait on adding sand til the worms are no longer noticeable... :peeka 


PS. I love your statement in your signature :rofl3

Ok, to be fair it’ll likely be next weekend before I get round to it anyway.

Am I ok to add some plants in the meantime?

Thanks :teehee

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