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Just a few this time


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My Calico, Roo has a nice Hump. Not as strong as some but I tend to like the milder humps.


Seaking has come a long way from when I got him, this was him then


The girl I got at the same time as Seaking hasn't developed and is still very much just a fantail although they were sold as Ryukin. Though Goldeen does have a much rounder body than you'd normally see in a fantail
Goldeen Then


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The calicos just rarely get nice humps. The shorter the tail, the better the hump. Orion here seems to have some nice potential but it'll still be a weak calico hump. Omen is a long tailed dude and his hump is pretty crap. Orion isn't.

Roo doesn't have a long tail like the other two and her hump is better than theirs. She has the beginnings of a nice hump, but then it just flattens out and what makes most of her cute ryukiny shape is her belly drop.

I think the fish you were sold were hybrids anyway because of their tails. They're very "fluffy". A lot like fantails. They also had/have ROUNDED snouts. It should be pointy if it's a Ryukin. Note how the best hump also has the most pointy snout. See Roo's mouth? Very pointy. 

Getting a nice hump is deemed quite hard by experienced breeders and has quite a bit to do with grooming as well they said. All my fish cost $2 so I'm not bothered with it but just saying. 

Check out the before of both Orion and Citrus here. Orion had more hump when I got him, but as you can see... the oranges just have way better humps. As they get older, I suspect Citrus will develop more depth and shape but Orion will end up bigger. Both are boys, both have stars. 

All your fish are great. Not bashing AT ALL, just if you ever want a Ryukin again... Maybe this will help you select one. I love calico fantails too and have several myself, but of course I like Ryukins better. 





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Oh and here's your favorite. Asteroid the comet thingy. Currently 80 grams... What on earth? She's outgrown all my little fancy babies.

But she's special to me as well and I can see now that I could never get rid of any of my babies. 


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