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Purposely pop bubbles...


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Hi, Everyone!

It's been a while since I have posted, or even visited the site for that matter. I have a question for you all - Peaches, my smallest little bubble eye has been struggling for a while now with huge bubbles. Both of her bubbles are the same size, if not bigger than, my other bubble eye fish twice her size. Making swimming, floating, eating, breathing (she sucks up her bubbles anytime her mouth is open) very difficult. To add to it, one of her bubbles went from clear to cloudy in the last month (not sure if it's filled with pus or skin changes). I've had her in my quarantine tank since December hoping that the smaller tank would help her out. That's not been the case. Would you purposely pop her bubbles to improve her quality of life??? Knowing full well they will never look like this again. The thought makes me sad. Her bubbles are perfect, just too big for her :(


In the attached pic, Peaches is on the left Panda on the right. Advice appreciated!!!


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I have had only one bubble eye in my time. I know that there bubbles can get very big. Most of the time they pop before they get as big as your fish on the right. What bothers me is the color of the other fish's bubble sac. They should be clear, is there any liquid you can see inside of it? 

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Yes, this is a concern. It moves like it is liquid filled. I picked her up yesterday to get a closer look while cleaning, and the consistency felt normal. It's definitely not a solid mass. I'm not sure how to even go about treating it if it was infected. She appears healthy otherwise. I guess I could always take her to my LFS and see what their vet recommends. I've tried melafix and pimafix.


Interestingly enough, Panda who is on the right in that pic (white w/black) actually has a bubble growing off the backside of her bubble. I have never had so many crazy things happen with bubble eyes before and I have had many bubble eye (more than most I would suspect).

Thanks everyone!

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