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So today is my birthday, and as a treat to myself I got a few new babies from buygoldfishonline.com. I got two lionheads, one calico, one red and a red oranda. I included a pic of my little red cap I got a couple of months ago as well because he's not too big yet. I'm excited to see how these guys are going to look growing up with each other! Sorry for some of the blurry pics, it's hard to get these little guys to be still!



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1 hour ago, DawnMichele said:

Happy Birthday and beautiful Goldfish!!!!

Thank you!!!!

1 hour ago, koko said:

Happy Bday :thumbs:

Great looking fish. I really like the last two :) 

I do too! I'm really eager to see what they're going to turn out like. I've never grown any starting quite this small. 

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