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HydroPlex... QT Holygrail?

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Hello everyone..

I haven't been here in several months so I don't know if this has been discussed already

I went to buy some worms earlier and came across Ruby Reef Hydroplex


The store owner says that Hydroplex is the best thing out there for new arrivals, avoiding the long QT process...

Has anyone use this product ??

I purchased some for this weekend purchase but I thought of asking here first before using it


Thank y'all

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I never trust these types of products. What's in it? And quarantine is usually 30-45 days. Not that long. I definitely wouldn't trust this product over a proper quarantine. Doesn't matter what's in it. There's no substitute for a proper quarantine. 

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Snake oil.   No real medication would contain only secret ingredients.

"HydroPlex™ contains a unique blend of trade secret anti-microbial formulations available to the hobby industry exclusively through Ruby Reef™. "

I haven't known of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of cosmetics and beauty aids.

"These formulations are widely used in over-the-counter health care products (e.g., in antibacterial and antifungal products) and in a broad range of cosmetics and beauty aids (e.g., as antimicrobial preservatives).  In-other-words, they offer broad-spectrum protection against infectious disease, while being safe for human and animal exposure as well as for disposal down the drain."

Take the bottle to your veterinarian and ask if it might have any value.


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