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Callisto boy - 1 year now

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He was caught this morning bashing Shembje into the sides of the pond. He's really a trouble maker. He even targets other males to fight with. He's injured a few fish. His entire body is covered in breeding stars. It was like that earlier this year too. He's the king of the pond without a doubt. 

He's very healthy and strong. It would take an army to kill him lol. Swims great too. He's even got his little show win to tag along with him. I've considered maybe trying to rehome him to a pond with fish bigger than him so he can't be such a little ????????, but I can't bring myself to do it. 

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4 hours ago, DawnMichele said:

Callisto is a chunky monkey!!!! Great job Myra!!!!   :thumbup2:

:teehee Makes me think of Ice cream :rofl 

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