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Live plant: Fissiden Fontanus (pehonicx moss)


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So I missed having a Fissiden Fontanus tanks and orders several golf balls (portioning sizes for aquarium mosses) and re-did my 7g cube.. I used a TON on rock, rood, mesh walls, but I still have some leftover so want to share with you!
Fissiden Fontanus is a great moss, dark green with tight growth (not stringy like java).  Works well in low-medium light/tech tanks.  Tie to rock, mesh screen for walls/carpet, driftwood, or other decor items-will root to item often several weeks.

Example of my old Fissiden Fontanus tank

You are getting 2 portions of Fissiden Fontanus $21 shipped


add on option: micro marimo in a glass jar with sealed cork $1 per, have 8


Shipping via small box flat rate priority mail, shipping in continental US only, Paypal payment only.

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