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I will be upgrading my tank in a couple of days and once it is cycled will be adding another goldfish. I currently have 2 fantails and I'm debating on what to get next.


My local pet stores frequently have ranchu, orandas, fantails and black Moor so at first I was thing of getting an oranda. However I visited a new pet shop a few days ago and then had young pearl scales which I'm assuming are pretty rare to come across in local pet stores as it's the first time I have ever actually seen one.


I know that pearlscales are generally more fragile than fantails and if it would be too risky to add to my tank. I don't want it to be bullied or always having to compete for food.


I was also wondering if there was a reason that all of the oranda at the stores don't seem to have developed a wen yet. Even the larger ones? Do you think it just has to do with a poor diet?


Any advice on the kind of goldfish you think I should get would be greatly appreciated or your experiences with different types


Than you



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Pearlscales can be fairly hardy, but getting them to bounce back from illness is extremely difficult.  Once they get sick that's it for some reason, whereas another variety might recover.  I wouldn't class them as any more challenging to care for than, say, a bubble eye or deep bodied lionhead though.


Though the golf ball shaped ones are adorable, look for a pearlscale with a more egg shaped body as they tend to have less buoyancy issues down the road and swim for food a little more quickly.  You WILL have to watch that he gets his share of food, he might have zero issues in that department but just keep an eye on it.  


As for the wen development, much of that is just genetics.  Some can certainly be grooming but plenty of wen varieties like orandas and ranchus may have tighter and less developed wens, especially if they grew slowly initially.  The first four to six months can make a huge difference in head growth, but much of it is still mediated by gene expression (just like height or hair thickness in humans).

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