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I'm back!

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Can't remember when was my last post but it feels like a long time and now I am back and I think I should update on my current fish keeping status. I moved to a new place last December and decided to consolidate my tanks to just 2 and keeping them bare bottom and with goldfishes only. Actually I still have a mini tank for a blue dwarf crayfish but will not talk about that for now.

This is a 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft tank that was previously used for keeping different tropical fishes and now it is just for goldies. 4 of them in there and oops I forgotten that I still have 1 big clown loach that I can't bare to give up. The clown loach is hiding in the back in a "barrel" shelter. You should be able to see its stripes when you zoom in.

The other tank is a smaller 2ft x 1.5ft x 1ft with 6 small goldfishes. Will share the photos of this once I have a nice shot taken.



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