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Baby fish , finally!


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One of our dogs, Masha, has discovered that fish food tastes good. She shows up at feeding time and tries to get a little. She also is very interested in those oranges things too.




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UPDATE one year 

fish baby now are one year and are doing fine. I think about 200 -250  plus the 50 I took into home aquariums. As is normal some grow very fast and most are not too interesting. But there are a few that are beautiful with all the colours and markings that we seek. 

As has passed a year my back is recovered but the pain is still there and I dare not attempt to clean the ponds solo. ( I have a guy to do that work now). This time I jammed my finger when catching a cock for Easter dinner.(we have nice chicken house) I hope this recovers soon as it really impeads things I do with hand (and hurts).

pictures are of the year old koi.




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WOW look at them all.

I feel your pain. Seems I hurt one thing have it heal up only to hurt something else :rofl Getting old some times sucks

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