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Easter fish (pictures)


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So my mom ended up getting me a few new goldfish as Easter gifts. Who likes this kind of Easter basket? lol

I really have to many goldfish now but there all so cutie lol. There taken over the house lmao. Good thing I got that 70-75g tank to set up. Time to find room for more tanks. 

Look at the eyes on this telescope. I always said I wouldn't get one with eyes so big lol. (S)he weights 6g and I'm guessing at least 2 grams are just the eyes.




Then a 2nd fish I said I wouldn't get again. A little pearlscale (s)he's only 4g and doesn't look all to round yet.




And last but not least a little oranda. Not much of a wen to this one atm but look at this tail. Also 4g but looks a lot smaller then the other 2 and wasn't acting very good the 1st day.


Hope you guys don't mind getting mooned by a fish :P



So there's my little egg eyes, body, and head. Almost ended up with a all white lionhead or a large black moor.

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