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My lovely fish Numis

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Just had to share with all y'all fish people today :)

This is my broadtail Numis. (Don't worry, I just put him in the empty tank for the photo.) My baby who keeps me company all day <3 This photo was taken about 6 months ago. Since then his belly has turned completely shiny gold and he has some unusual gold on his chin and in his eyes. I was initially surprised by the color change but have decided it suits him better. I think some people would refer to him as Apache. He has probably gotten 1/3 of his size bigger too. His fins are huuuuuge! 

You can't really tell in the photo but he has three rows of breeding stars on each of his front fins. Sometimes I wish I could get him a girlfriend lol. His babies would be adorable. 

I'd been wanting a broadtail for years after my last one (from Petsmart, oddly enough) passed away. His name was Koko, and he was a chocolate broadtail with pom poms.

Beautiful fish I saw one other at Petsmart several years back like him - probably from the same farm - but he was too big for me at the time. I'd always regretted not getting him. So when I saw this one from Goldfish Emporium (he was listed on their website http://emporium.puregoldfish.com) I fell in love. I don't think they are well known but I had a good experience buying there. 

Numis has the personality of a laid back gentle giant. I think moors are more laid back in general. He loves to eat though and has a healthy appetite! 

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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