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Amoonklein Baby growing

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Chris here....  I am truly amazed at the growth of this little guy... :clapping:  Nautilus's hump is really starting develop nicely....  At least I think so...    Just over a year old...  Thank you Allie for such a cutie :heart 



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On 3/13/2017 at 6:39 PM, Goldiegirl said:

Sakura ryukin? 

Love the unusual color pattern. When the fish gets big it will be a stunner I'm sure. :whistle

Hi Goldiegirl,   Chris here...  As far as colors Nautilus is dark orange, yellow and white...  I originally pick this one out because when his markings looked like the markings on a cow... LOL!!! I thought he was unique in that way...  He was pretty much yellow and white, now the dark orange is more prominent but the white and yellow stand out nicely against the orang...   

Thanks for your kind comments... :)

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