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Whoops! New frybabies


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Ugh i don't have the patience! WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE, LITTLE FISH BUDDIES!?

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^ this!!!!


I wants to knnnoooww!!!
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When you say some dorsal, do you think some might not have? I'm rooting for ranchu! [emoji3]

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:rofl I'll start taking bets now!
I have no idea, i just think its only that a few have cropped up/become visible haha. But who knows, it's a good possibility that some will be ranchu/dorsal-less :))
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How are the babies? Pics!! We demand pics!!

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They seem ok! They looked like they were really taking off, but i dunno now they seem too small! I have about twenty.

Some are looking really nice, and the smaller ones at least look like fish from a side view haha. Couple o' pics

From a few days ago:

From just now, mid-waterchange :teehee


This one takes after mama with not one rad dorsal fin, but two! :rofl

I actually do have a few with no dorsals! SOME even have single tails! My coolest and most favorite one died this afternoon. :cry It was the biggest single-chu. I hope one other will make it. :please
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Hi all! :hi
Sorry I've fallen off :donthit:

Doing good, the guys are growing! :flex: I have 8 i think. Why am i so bad with counting them? Anyway i did just viciously (and accidentally) kill one of them. It was bad. Got sucked up the airline tubing, a matter of seconds, but the pressure of that did a thing, I'll keep the visuals to myself, and I had to put him straight into clove oil.
Suffice it to say we are past the tubing. Just wanted it for sucking up poo, then I was going to use the bowl to remove water! :o

ANYWAY wasn't that a fun intro to this post?? Pictures will make it better you say? Okay!




This last one is the fish to whom i refer as The Single-Chu. :D

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20 hours ago, DawnMichele said:

Hey Jen. Sorry you lost your favorite one. They are so cute!!!!!

Thanks! It actually wasn't really a favorite, so that's good? I need a way to say that that isn't awful? :peeka

20 hours ago, koko said:

Oh man :hug thats not fun thing to see :( 

No! :yikes It wasn't. I will take the water out with bowls from now on, and spot clean with a turkey baster. :teehee 

14 hours ago, Anorea said:

D: *hug* sorry for the loss!
They are really cute!

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Thanks! They are! I want to know how they'll turn out!! Dying to see the button eyed ones grown up more :)

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Ouch I had that happen before when I had my fry. Is not pretty! I also had one get caught between the side of the tub they were in and the edge of the tub I was using to scoop them out. Fry are scary sometimes!

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