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Dandy Orandas and Repashy team up!


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1 hour ago, Butterfly said:

I’ve been using Super Gold for a few weeks now (finally used up the Soilent Green). It doesn’t seem to be as smelly but then the smell of SG never bothered  me that much either.

I am happy with the product. My one floaty fish is less floaty. I can’t say 100% it is the fish food of course but the fish spends less time upside down and seems to be swimming straighter.

I have to say that I don’t understand the recommendations to turn off the filters when feeding gel food?  I cut mine into chunks and it goes right to the bottom until consumed. I’ve had more issues with sinking pellets getting wafted around by the currents and getting sucked into the filters before the fish find it.  My filters are no more dirty or clogged with gel vs pellets.



Most takes like mine the filtration will push the food into the filter really fast. This is the reason. You don't want the food to get trapped into the filter. The reason for this is that most ppl don't empty the filter box water, and when the food gets trapped in the filter is a breeding ground for bacteria. 

So that is the reason we/ I suggest doing this. 

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I haven't had any filter problems feeding super gold. I have a lot of flow going with two aquaclears and an airstone and food break up have been minimal, like butterfly I cut up into bite size pieces and it immediately sinks. I will say what I have problems with is the small NLS pellets getting sucked up. I guess your mileage may vary. With that said I'm loving the new super gold. I've been feeding for a little under three weeks and I have already seen noticeable growth and improved colors. 

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