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Quick and Cheap No Fuss Water Change System

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Before I explain, let me preface this by saying this is primarily for those of us in the colonies or Europe. If you live somewhere where you have access to a python, it essentially does the same thing.

The System:

So, someone recently pointed out to me that Gardena (Husqvarna) started making a garden hose adaptor for indoor taps. After doing some research, I thought it would probably make water changes fairly easy and headed out to my local Bunnings (hardware store) to buy one (as well as a 15m garden hose). The total cost (hose included) was about $20 Australian, so fairly cheap. After coming home and setting it up, I did my first water change and I'm really impressed by it. 

To do a water change all you have to do is 1) drain your tank with the hose as you would a regular siphon (I ran the hose into the garden), and 2) attach the adaptor to your tap to refill. Simple.

Before this I was using the Mikey method, and while it worked well, there were a few things I didn't like about it—mostly me breaking the cheap Chinese pumps sold here, and having to match bucket refill speed with pump drain speed (easy, I know, but it's a step I've now removed).

Here's a video I found on YouTube showing how the adaptor attaches. After you have it on, it's just a matter of attaching your hose.

Where to buy:

If you're in Australia/New Zealand, Bunnings is the official supplier. You can find it in the garden section where they keep their hose connectors/nozzles. Mitre 10 also carry it.

If you're outside of Australia, you'll have to visit your country's Gardena website to see who stocks their products. I do know they are sold in Europe, so hopefully it should be easy to track down.

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I bought a python a few years ago and it cost me a pretty penny...I've been wanting to set up something to use on my QT tanks so I don't have to use buckets but also don't contaminate the python I use on my main tank...so this is a great idea!

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