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Feeding Frequency


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For Ranchu that are over year old what is the feeding frequency?  Twice daily or just once day is suffice?  I am feeding Thera A 1mm pellets in morning and night or gel food at night.  Temperature is around 75 degrees tank is heated indoor. 


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Hi stech,

If you have an idea of your fishes combined weight, take 1.5-2% of that in food as their quota for the day. Since feeding time is the most rewarding for most owners, you can give them a portion of their allotment throughout the day whenever you want to interact with them. If you're busy: feed the whole day's allotment at once. Otherwise most feel that the more smaller feedings (even 4 or 5!) is best for their digestive tracts.

As long as the total fed falls under 2% of their combined weight you'll be fine and you might enjoy the extra feeding times like I do - when I'm not on the go. A little gram/oz kitchen scale is very helpful, both for weighing your fish and their food.

Example: fish 1 is 35 grams, fish 2 is 50 g

85g x .02=  (slightly less than) 1.7 grams of food for the whole day spread out to as many feeding times as what works for your schedule is what I'd recommend.

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