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A Few Pond Pics


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15 hours ago, koko said:

Oh I really like.. can you give us like a full view of the pond hun. I would love to see the whole thing :)


5 hours ago, fantailfan1 said:

Beautiful fish!!! :)


i agree with koko--full pond pic please!! :please


how many fish are in the pond? :idont






There's currently 18 in there :) 7 of them are my 2 year olds that are mostly still only about 2-3 inches TL.  Then there is Splasher and Picasso, my biggest guys, about 12 inches TL. Tiny who is also very small even at about 3 years old, Buddy another small one - both about 2 inches. Albie and Pascal are the next biggest, about 6 inches TL...then there are Raven, Papi Sherlock, Arty and Angel who are all about somewhere in the middle of that..ranging from about 3-5 Inches TL.

These are all very rough estimates as I don't get them out to measure them lol.

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Pretty. I really like the big one. Red and white is my favorite color for standard goldfish. I also like the black one never seen a black one.

I wish i could have a pond.

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19 minutes ago, fantailfan1 said:

Wow, just gorgeous!  And I just realized you have your tanks and pond listed in your signature with their inhabitants.  Whoops . .. :rofl


I can't believe you can keep them all straight! :teehee

Haha i just thought maybe you had signatures turned off :teehee

I do get confused and forget someone...quite often!

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25 minutes ago, fantailfan1 said:

I should turn off people's signatures as I honestly rarely pay attention to them.  Obviously. :tomuch:

I look at it as we carried on more of a conversation now :rofl

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