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What would you say this guy/girl is?


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So I saw this cutie little fish in a tank all alone and had to take it home. I have a suspicion on what I think (s)he is but wanted to ask you guys. So far though (s)he's not acting right. I'm not all to surprised really, last few fish I got from this particular store haven't made it. As (s)he wasn't moving I moved him/her from a empty qt tube to a algae fulled planted tank. It seemed to have helped a little (s)he is now swimming but I'll have to wait and see.





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Ok thank you guys.


I was thinking I saw a wen. (S)he was sold as a calico. I do believe there is something wrong with the tail though as it fans out straight. You can see it in the last 2 pictures in the last post and here.


(S)he seems a lot happier and active today in my little planted tank but freaks out so bad if I go by the tank. I've never seen a goldfish act so scared.

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So sadly I was right little guy didn't make it. I don't know what it is with that stores goldfish but after the last 3 dying (all bought with months between) I'm not going to try any more goldfish from them. On a side note it only seems to be there goldfish.


When to a different shop and got me a nice larger Oranda. She's acting just fine.

I had a hard time picking. They had so many nice looking Oranda. I planned on getting one with a really big head they had a few but then they also had a nice big bodied blue and a really cool calico with more of a lion looking head but this girl just really caught my eye the most. If only I had more money on me and more tanks I would have walked out of there with at least 3 most likely more. I really like starting with babies better (they didn't have any) but wow they were some nice looking golds.


So I know she's a oranda but she also has something that looks like very mild pom poms. It doesn't look as puffy more like a few rows of fine ribbon.

So here's my pretty girl. Didn't know if I should put it here or the pics but I do want to know what you would call her and update you on the little ones passing.



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