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Just wondering on how often should I be feeding my goldfish frozen blood worms. When I used to own Oscars, I would feed treats like these only about 1-2 times a week. I read that high protein foods like blood worms can help boost growth and wen growth.


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I incorporate them into my frozen gel food. I think of them as a treat....mostly because of the expense.


Perhaps twice a week?


But I have pond goldfish that get natural protein from insects in the pond.

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My feeding plan is:


Juveniles (less than 3 inches) without a wen: bloodworms once a day


Juveniles (less than 3 inches) with a wen: bloodworms 2-3 times per day


Adults without a wen: bloodworms 2-3 times a week


Adults with a wen: bloodworms every other day


Biggest tip here (and echoing what Sharon said above) **** The more bloodworms you feed, the more water changes you need *****  My wenless juveniles in my smaller tubs get 50-80% water changes every.single.day.  My 6 ranchu's in a 110 tub who get bloodworms every other day get a 10% water change everyday, and a 50-80% water change once a week.  Water quality is much more important than wen growth.  If you're unable to keep up with the water changes, reduce the bloodworms and feed a more veggie diet.  Goldfish do not need large wens -- it's simply for our aesthetic preferences.


Also important to note - high bloodworm consumption definitely impacts your filter maintenance schedule.  My main aquarium only gets bloodworms 2-3 times a week, and I've found that I only need to service my filter every 6 weeks, and it's still quite clean and clear when I service it.  My filters on ponds/tubs/tanks with fish that have a higher bloodworm consumption require servicing every 2-3 weeks.  If I wait 3-4 weeks, the filters start to have significant debris.

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