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Rehoming - Westchester, NY


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Hello everyone, I haven't been on the forums for a while.  I have been 'fish-sitting' for some friends since the summer. They won this little guy  (and his friend who sadly didn't make it  :death) at a carnival.  They didn't realize how big a tank they would need for a single tail goldfish and will not be able to keep it. Of course the carnival people handed them 2 fish in a little critter carrier  :badidea and just said to feed them.  Anyway, I've been keeping him for the last 3 months or so in a 20gallon  :fishtank  but I cannot keep him forever.  I would like to find him a good home, he's still small, about 1.5 inches.  I took some pics but haven't been able to upload. If anybody is interested please let me know, I'm in Westchester County, NY.


Thank you!!! 




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Do you need the 20 gallon for some other fish?   He can stay in there long term.


Sounds to me like she merely does not want to keep the fish as he grows.


I don't need the 20 gallon, I keep it around in case something happens to my other tanks.  But mjfromga is right, I just don't want to keep the fish (I mean I kind of do, because who doesn't want more fish) but I have too many animals and people to take care of already!! I was not planning on having another fish tank, I was simply trying to do them a favor while they bought themselves a tank. I don't want to give Mr. fishie away to just anybody though, I want him to be in a good setup.

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