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My fishy family.

Phil B.

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Time for an update on my crew. Rabbit has settled into his new home quite well. He's active, his colors have darkened, and it looks like he's showing the first signs of a wen. He's still a baby, but he's filling out and developing that fat little Oranda body

Pudge is so big now, and practically glows under the led lights. Unfortunately the bad boy scraped off some scales the other day. Probable in pursuit of a what looked like a scrap of food in an inaccessible location.


 Spot is still going strong despite his disability. He spends most of his time with his face in the sand due to his damaged swim bladder. But, he gets around the tank, and I'm very careful to put food under his nose at feeding time.


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Nice. Is that orange crown pearl the one you had that was originally black? So nice and fat! Gorgeous fish. Spot is so cute. Looks like he's looking for something he lost. [emoji6][emoji13]

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