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Oceanbox Magnetic Surface Skimmer for AquaClear HOB

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I have been having issue with surface film lately. Every time I do a WC you can see where the water line was because there is a line of scum on the tank, which eventually develops into an algae line. I have an AC70 + AC50 (and just ordered a Fluval 406) plus a bubble wand in my tank to help with surface agitation, but still have issues. I was wondering if anyone has used a surface skimmer successfully.


I ran across one on-line that works with the AquaClear HOB filters https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/aquaclear-ac70-surface-skimmer/


Just wondering if this would cause issues with my Bubble Eyes???


Thanks in advance!!! :)


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I know some skimmers only work with salt water.  This doesn't say "not for freshwater" but it certainly talks only about salt water tanks.


Uarujoey has

that you can make very cheaply.
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