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Prazipro/Salt dosage


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Hello everyone!


I’m going to start my first Prazi Pro treatment ever tomorrow and just wanted to make sure, that I’ve understood the measurements according to this 




correctly, since I’m working with the metric system.


I’m working with a 280 L tank.




1 gal = 3,8 L


Dosage of salt


5 gal = 19 L


19 L = 1 Tbs salt


280 L = 15 Tbs salt


Dosage of prazipro


1 tsp per 20 gal


20 gal = 76 L


280 L = 4 tsp


I know it may be easy for others. I just want to do everything right, because 15 Tbs salt sounds a lot to me.


Thank you for your help!



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