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Beautiful fish I agree. Take plenty of pics both for us and your self because more than likely he will turn more and more orange until there is little or no black left. Black is the most unstable color in goldfish and very few seem to have the ability to keep it outside of calicos and some high quality mat black breeds.

No matter what color he has beautiful fins and a nice body shape and proportions and will be an attractive fish.

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A moor maintains his black throughout his lifespan, so that one isn't a black moor, but the body type of that fish is usually called a telescope or demekin. It looks like you have a bicolor telescope who may well shift to entirely orange, which is common. He looks great!

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I know people love the Aqua Clears, but what I don't like about them is that it makes water noises, due to that the part where the water comes out from, is high (if I can remembered).

I currently have two Penguin 350s. The bio wheels makes water noises also, but I replaced them with adding some ceremic rings into the filters.

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