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Pinkie, Goldeen and Seaking


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I don't normally do before and after photos so soon after getting a fish but these two I seem to have seen the most difference in. Well Goldeen I don't see too much but I got her at the same time as Seaking and didn't want to leave her out :P

First Pinkie. I got Pinkie on September 23

On September 26 she weighed 4 grams and was 2 inches long.

On the 15th of November she weighed 8 grams and was 2.5 inches long

I haven't done another weigh in and measure yet


Here she is the day I got her



Here she is now



Can definitely see more bulk in her, (She was so skinny!) brighter colour and generally looking much better


Now Goldeen. I got Goldeen on October 13

I haven't measured her but on (or around, I forgot to record) October 16 she weighed 21g

I haven't weighed her again yet but am planning to this weekend


Here she is the day I got her



Here she is now



She looks rounder and the black in her fins has darkened a lot!


Now Seaking. I got Seaking with Goldeen on October 13.

I haven't measured him, but again on, or around October 16 he weighed 22g

I haven't weighed him again yet, but again plan to do so this weekend.


Here he is the day I got him



Here he is now



So his body has got a lot deeper, he has more of a hump now. His black has darkened a lot. I'm so happy with him!


Anyway I hope you can see why I was excited to share these so soon after getting this fish. I don't normally see so much difference in such a short time

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Thanks Jen!

She sure did Koko! I was going to clean all the algae off my tank but she likes picking at it...so I just cleaned it off the front instead lol

Thats what I do for my Mollies :thumbs:

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So I weighed and measured these three today



Pinkie - Approx 2.75in (Without tail) - 9 grams 
Thats a gain of 0.25 inches and 1 gram in just under 2 weeks!


Goldeen - Approx  3.1in (Without tail, measured through tank) - 39 grams

I didn't measure length before, but she has gained 18 grams in 6 weeks!

Seaking - Approx 2.7in (Without tail, measured through glass - 31 grams

I didn't measure length before, but he has gained 9 grams in 6 weeks!

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