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i received some really great online service from ebay store http://stores.ebay.com.au/essentials-petsupplies2015


they are located in Qld, but they were happy to sell me just the heads off their sunsun filters to keep my shipping costs down. i didn't expect them to shave any price off the entire filter, but they did so without any asking and sold me two HW-304B tops (with UV bulb and glass) for $60 each and $30 shipping to Vic on the entire package. they are heavy, so i believe that to be fair.


they don't sell a lot, but do check them out before your next purchase :)

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i am the happiest online shopper alive. not only was this business service to my requirement top notch, dollar saving and easy to deal with, they emailed me to say that the over quoted $6.55 on post and they would refund to my paypal account. i asked them to keep the extra money, i am too happy :rofl


the filter heads arrived. exactly what i was looking for, exactly as described and fitted a treat. i was done swapping them over in less than a half hour combined.


i cannot explain to you the measure of happy i am with this transaction from beginning to end. downright good people to deal with. i highly recommend them to everyone :D

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