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Decided to try the pea route this week as I was seeing a lot of stringy poo. Fed some at dinner yesterday and exclusively for both feedings today.

Panda, who is usually active and kind to others has turned into a monster! It's like she's on bath salts or something!!! ???? I have never seen her chase the 2 small fish and she goes straight for the bubbles ???? I ended up putting Peaches in a mesh breeder box, as she isn't a fast swimmer and has much bigger bubbles than the other, because I didn't want Panda to keep nom nom-ing on her bubbles.

Anyone else ever experience this increase in activity before??? All were active before, but this is nuts!

Going back to pellets and Repashy tomorrow. Oh my.

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LOL. With the first eye I was in a bit of den-eye-al. ???? I took the damaged fish out into a QT for a while to heal. Then I put her back into the main tank and she lost another eye a month or so later. So that fish is in her own tank now. Great fish, just no eyes. At least she's... symmetric...?

Then another fish in the main tank came up with some suspicious eye damage (but not removed). So I finally moved the big bad zombie eye eater (aka Sid Fishious) to another tank with bigger fish she couldn't pick on so easily. All has been fine since.

That fish is a brute and splashes the heck out if my when I come to feed her.

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