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Finally a betta again!


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A few weeks back I was shopping at Ollie's (a discount store similar to Big Lots) where they had a couple Tetra cube kits for $ 19.99.

3 gallon tank with lid, LED light and a small air pump based filter. Not having had a betta in quite a while, I decided to grab one of these kits, set it up with some of my anubias and use ceramic rings of one of my established tanks.


Now this past Monday I went to Petsmart to get some Prime, when I came across the most beautiful betta. For some reason they had some really high quality fish, a very small number of them, and they were in the $ 20 - 25 price range - much more expensive than what they normally carry.


I had a bit of a hard time deciding between two of the - but eventually picked this one because I dig black fish. Obviously he is not all black, but his sides are this amazing metallic similar to dragon scale bettas, and they shimmer - depending on the light and angle - silver to metallic pale green.

The tissue between the rays of his fin is lavender colored with black dots. 


He is still a bit shy, but has a lot of attitude. :heart










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Oooh he is gorgeous!

He is, isn't  he?!


:o Wow just wow he is a stunner! Good pick!

Thank you!!


Woah, that is one rad looking betta! :o

And i really love your anubias tree :)

Yeah that anubias tree has been around for years and started from a single small barteri tied to the wood. It has grown all over it after a few  years and makes a great center piece for a small tank. Kuro loves to sleep on the leaves in the center of the plant :)


Wow he is just stunning!

I thought so too! Thanks!

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He is very Handsome :) Congrats on the awesome find :) 


I also recently acquired 2 new Betta's from my Sister,they were babies in my daughters apartment last April when she passed,and she saved them for me until I moved back here to NY and she gave them to me as a surprise when we bought our new house :)

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