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Hydroponic System


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So im not sure where this would go, but i wanted to show off the system i work with at school. b43c4a9524d680cc3df938bc41b4c73f.jpg

This is the main water body. It is about 800g... The bottom is conical, with about a 1' flat drainage area. As you can see, there is the small viewing window in front. We have 18 tilapia, two of which are males. The dominant male has been in really nice breeding colors this week. I wish i had a picture for you of him.


This is the top of the tank. There are 4x foot long bubblr rectangles in there. The PVC pipes spray water to keep flow up and connect to the filtration system. The pipe on the furthest left brings water to the grow beds. The metal tube is for refilling the tank.


This is the filtration, UV, and temp regulation system.




UV thing


Im gonna be honest with ya, im not entirely sure what this does. Part of its function is measuring temperature.


This is the area where the water from the tank is pumped before it is divided to the three growbeds. Our system is set up for four, but the third was taken by te creator of the system to fix but hasn't been brought back yet.


This is one of the growbeds. There aren't any plants in here currently. Each bed holds ~80g. There is a drain at one end and an upflow at the other, along with 2x foot long bubble rectangles in each. There are 3 foam floats per bed, with 12 mesh pots, filled with grow media and rock wool, per foam piece. That's a total of 108 plants, discounting the 36 from our bed that is MIA.


Here is the whole system, or as much as i could get. I will grab some pics of the plants and fish tomorrow for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I will answer anything i can.

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Wow! You have an aquaponics system like that at school!

Hydroponics means you grow the plants in water fertilized with chemicals -- no fish involved.

Ahh i was wondering what the difference is. Aquaponics then. Yes, this is in my Landscaping and Horticulture class.
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Wow wonder how much all the equipment/lights/tank cost.

I have a small aquaponic system but its just a 40g breeder with faux back wall to keep goldfish from nibbling veggie roots.  Use to have a nft system over a 55g using 4" pvc pipes a few years ago.

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