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Tiger is Pineconing - 1 week after Sudden Death


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You can change up your medication route to feeding it in a gel instead of waterborne as a last ditch effort, let him live out his days without treatment, or you can euthanize him. It's really your choice based on how he is acting/feeling. Dropsy is difficult to treat even in a young and healthy fish :(

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Thank you everyone...he was still struggling when I got home...this was about the hardest euthanasia I've ever had to do.


It sure is going to be hard not seeing him in the tank after all these years 

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Really sorry you had to put Tiger down. Sending you LONG distance hugs. He will remain forever in your heart...I had a special fish like him years ago (Big Boy) & tho' it's been YEARS I still think of him now & then! I am sure Tiger will reside in your heart forever as well!!

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