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Hmmmm . . . How did they get here?!

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Colin named this one Shoomey Jr. When he was 2 and got his first GF, a R&W ryukin, he named it Shoomey. :rofl. So he wanted to name this one Shoomey Jr I think mainly cuz he didn't want to think of another name. :o. Anyway I just call him Junior. :teehee. I should name him Spaz as he did not stay still for one second in this container.




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Okay little boy looks a LOT more Ryukin up close. Very cute babies.

You give me the Ryukin baby, and you take one of my fantail babies.

Shembje - bought as calico Ryukin but looks more fantaily now


Commander - pretty white fantail baby


Both strong and healthy so far...

ME - Ryukin... YOU - fantail.

I'm kidding but seriously love the Ryukin looking fishy.

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They are gorgeous Lisa! :lisa: and so tiny! I wish i could find those kind of goldfish locally :wub:

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