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Lemon Has to Have Surgery


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Hello everyone! A few days ago I woke up to find Lemon, my year and three month old Ranchu, with a collapsed mouth. :( 
I found a vet near where I live who can do surgery to repair it on Saturday, but I thought everyone might find it an interesting thing, since I haven't seen this or even heard of this issue before. I'm not sure if I'm even posting in the right place about this. I don't need diagnosis or anything, since he's seeing the vet soon, but it's interesting info anyway. 
Here's a picture of his "normal" mouth (He had a deformed mouth when I picked him up from walmart):


Here is his mouth now:



I hope to post pictures after the surgery. He will have to have a brace on for at least 5 days, from what I'm being told.
By the way if you guys want to contribute to the cost of his surgery, I would appreciate it. :)https://www.gofundme.com/lemonsurgery (Let me know if I'm allowed to link to that? I'm not sure)

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I'm sorry he isn't feeling well and is having those mouth issues. Collapsed mouths are usually a genetic weakness in the structure of the jaw that worsens with time, and most breeders cull for it. I do actually have a ranchu with the same issue and I keep hoping his mouth keeps up integrity so he doesn't end up like poor Lemon.

Fingers crossed the surgery goes well! Poor little guy :(

Oh, and for what it's worth that weakness tends to go along with the dorsal-less breeds, other missing fins, compressed body shape, and irregular scales. Too much of any one of these traits in a line seems to up the propensity for collapsed mouths. Just a random factoid :)

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Thanks for the info ArcticMama! I was really hoping to find out what causes this!! I thought maybe he ran into his log or the filter or something. I'm going to ask the vet too! That makes a lot of sense, seeing as how they are weakening the bones enough to remove some already. Do you know if there is anything to help with that? Like a calcium-rich diet? I keep cuttlebone in my tank for my snails.

Thanks so much for the well-wishes everyone!! Lemon needs all the support he can get, poor guy. <3

Distaff, I hadn't heard of it either, so it was really shocking when I woke up to it.


Maybe I can ask the vet for a video of the procedure! She said she has done it before, so I think it'll go well.

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Hey everyone! Lemon just got out surgery about an hour ago, and he's doing really well. The vet is used to working on koi, which are much larger, obviously, so she had to have both of her technicians helping, instead of one. Because of this, the one tech couldn't do video, but here is a link to their post on Facebook!


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