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The New Bedroom Tank


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So some of you may remember my disaster in setting up a bedroom tank at the beginning of the year...(If not it ended up with the front glass popping off, and my bedroom completely flooded)


Anyway, I've finally been able to set up another tank. I had it built at one of my favourite fish shops, they didn't have the size I wanted in stock so they custom built it for me!

It's 5ft x 45cm x 45cm so is around 80 gallons/300 litres


I bought a 2700LPH Canister filter for it, the same style as the two I run on my main tank so I put two trays of media from my main tank into it to give the cycle a headstart. Now I will be testing regular and changing the water when needed until it's fully cycled.


I'm still waiting for my background to arrive and hoping to be able to order a light this week.

I was going to go bare bottom for easy of maintenance...but ended up going sand. I bought the play sand I've used in the past, super cheap so it's not a big waste of money if I decide down the road I don't want it 



Here is the tank when it first arrived



Here it is now



Currently, Jasmine and Kolo are in it. Which means my main tank is finally not overstocked. 


I'll be adding two more fish. One my mum is going to pick out and one I will pick out. Not sure when I'll be getting them but they will go through QT of course, and I'll make sure the tank is fully cycled before adding them :)


I had the airstone further back but the filter intake was sucking up the bubbles so had to move it forward.  The filter intake also is at an angle at the moment because it's too tall for the tank. I might see if I can cut it shorter. I chose the 45cm height so I don't need a stepladder to clean it like I do with my main, taller tank.


I'll update with photos as I progress on the tank!

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Thanks everyone!

My mum picked out her fish today, so she is in QT now. I'll make a separate thread for that ;) I haven't picked one yet, didn't see that one that begged me to bring them home, though I did see a couple I liked. I have an idea in mind what I would like though!

Jasmine and Kolo are loving all the space for now though!

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Very nice!!! It looks bigger than 80 gallons to me. :idont


I think the length makes it look bigger? Most 80g I see around are are only 3-4 foot but taller and wider




Got the Background. It not on properly yet, just kind of wedged in there between the filter tubes lol.

Jasmine and Kolo love moving their airstone..I keep moving it away from the filter intake and they make it back! :doh.


Hopefully next week I'll be able to afford to order the light!

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