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New photos of 14 gallon


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I cut back  my water changes and I am getting some nice coral growth.  Some algae is growing too.  So everyday I take out some just to make sure the corals don't get covered. I am hoping with coral growth that there will not be many places for the algae to grow.  I even have a couple snails I had to pull out and remove the jungle from their shells. 
Really like my royal gamma(sp) but don't like its habit of spit gravel all over my rocks.  
Some pictures from yesterday.


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I over doses the 29 gallon with algae killer.  So took out the rock and moved any corals that look alive to the 16 gallon 3 weeks ago. Some stuff is starting to recover.


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1 hour ago, mcpesq817 said:

That's a really nice marine tank.  My dad had a big one when I was little.  Impressive that you can maintain such a small tank.

I love salt water tanks. I had one years ago :) 

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