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My Planted 55 Gallon


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Just wanted to show you guys how my aquarium is coming along!   I added some cabomba (it's a risk, I know, but it's making a comeback!), ludwigia (which might not make a come back), and another kind of plant that I can't remember the name of.  It gets tall and has star shaped leaves and gets a pinkish color to it.  My fiance also came home with a few additions to the family >_> Anyways, enough of this, and on with spamming the pics!  Hope you enjoy!  



















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Thanks guys! I kind of can't get over my pearlies either :) I forgot to tell you their names!  The first one is Lilly (the big one), then Happy Gilmore (the smaller one lol), and lastly cali the calico (I'm so imaginative with names, lol).  There is a fourth not shown who we were joking about naming Turnip and that just kind of became its name.  >.< 

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