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Vietnamese Telescope Fry


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WOW some of them looking like they are going to be perfect :thumbs:


Thanks Koko!  They come from a really great breeder, Matt Lyon.  I think he's had this line going for 8+ generations.


They turned 4 weeks old today :) 

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Update on the babies! 


So, I had my 26 fry going for a long time.  Not growing as fast as I wanted, but still growing.  Every few weeks, I had to cull one due to severe buoyancy problems, taking me down to 21 over a few months time.  But I made the mistake of not culling earlier for less severe issues.  I was only culling for life-threatening issues.


Anyways, several had this issue where the tip of their caudal was always pointing towards their face.  I was hoping they would grow out of it.  But it got worse and worse and really inhibited their swimming abilities.  So a few days ago, I took my 21 fry and decided to cull again.  Took them from 21 to 12, and it was really really hard for me.  I should have done it earlier, and now I know how much the seemingly insignificant issues really do cause problems for goldfish.


But I am happy with the 12 that I have!  I was a little lenient on 2 of them (I should probably only have 10) so I guess I didn't fully learn my lesson yet.  But I am still learning :) 


The 21:


The 12:


I've got 3 white matte's, 1 white metallic, 5 wilds (that I am hoping will change color to kirin) and 3 calico/kirin.

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They are beautiful! So cute.


Culling is the hardest part for me, I know it has to be done and it's better to do it early than to let it grow into a big fish with big problems, but it's still never easy! i always just want to see if they grow out of it

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