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Live plant: Chain sword and red tiger lotus


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Great plants for tall tanks! Was going to put these in my 75g but there is no more room!  Wanted to share them with others ^^
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
These are snail free and I don't see any algae either!
Shipping is $7 for usps flat rate box anywhere in continental US.
Can include  free root tabs to fertilize plants (1 per a plant), let me know if you want them.

The chain sword I got from another tank person who said the mother plant (full grown) is about 16" tall (currently under 10").  Great nitrate absorber!  Appreciates iron fert.  Have technically 3 plants, 2 smaller ones are still joined but can be split up, asking $4 total for all 3 of them.

Red tiger louts is stunning lily plant with vibrant red leaves (made redder by dosing iron and giving medium to high light).  You can keep the lily pads under water by aggressively pruning leaves when they get taller than you want.  Within a few months the plant will be 'trained' to stay a certain height below water.  Newest growth is red as it got a brighter light (beofre it was over shadowed by another lilly so older leaves are a more green).  Asking $4 for the plant.


Buy both plants for $7 + shipping (save $1) ^^

Both of these plats can be trimmed to keep small for smaller tanks, just cut off large leaves near base of plant when they get taller than you want.

edit: can throw in free salvinia minimia with other plants, just ask when you message me

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Man I really need to get my mollies back to fresh water. :o

*serious voice* Yes, you do! ^^  Hopefully once you do my 75g will be overgrown and need thinned out so I'll have plenty of plants for you... 40g is always over grown with water sprite now, its out competing my veggies on top!

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