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Rasterbator background


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I made a background for my 75 gallon using a website called rasterbator.net.

I love the painting "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" (Hokusai). I originally bought a poster hoping that I could cut it to the right size but it was too long here and too short there and it just didn't work out. I was hoping to take a high res picture of the poster and blow it up but printing something like that is expensive. So, I found a jpg of the picture online and used the rasterbator site to blow it up and stretch it to the dimensions of my aquarium. Rasterbator pixelates the picture to blow it up so it looks "dotty" up close but normal if you stand back. It prints out on letter size paper (pdf) and you can then piece it together.

I printed it out at my UPS store (and actually got it free because I wanted it on card stock but their printer couldn't handle the card stock without smearing it so they did it for me on letter paper for free). So, I bought a thin poster board at the craft store and glued it all together. Then I took the whole thing to a local educational supply store and had it laminated for like $4.

It looks great with out water in the tank but doesn't quite "pop" as much as I'd hope with water in. I think if I got the stuff that seals the background to the tank it would look better (I got a little splash of water between the glass and the background and it changed the contrast). Nevertheless, for about $5 I'm pretty happy with what I've got!


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Looks really good, I'm inspired to try prints in one of my tanks. Michael's had black wrapping paper for sale for $1 a roll so that's what I have now, but this looks so good, now I was to swap it out :P

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